Best of Both Curls Event to Address Common Stereotypes and Misconceptions About Natural Hair

The Wavers Club for Best Of Both Curls Brooklyn

(Our first event in March 2019, Brooklyn, NY)


(excerpt from Black News)

Within the natural hair movement there are two prominent groups: Naturals who focus on caring for their textured kinks and coils, and wavers who use specific techniques to create waves in their hair. The successful entrepreneurs designed the event to connect customers and supporters in one venue, after noticing the significant interest and engagement from young people via social media. Youth as young as 10 with followings of over 20K, are building small communities around diverse self-care practices.

“Best of Both Curls provides a safe space for young people to express their hair culture. Our event will happen in a different major city, annually,” says co-creator and founder of My Fluffy Puffs, Alyssa.

“This event purposely allows me to interact and connect with the community, sharing my vision through designs and apparel,” says co-creator and owner of For Wavers Only Apparel, Steve.

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