3 Mini Influencers In the Natural Hair Community You Should Know

If Instagram is one of your favorite apps then you probably have noticed the influx of 'mini influencers' within the beauty and hair space. Mini influencers can be as young as 3 years old and have their own communities that loyally follow them daily in the thousands.

There is something to say about how interested and savvy young people have become in technology and business through self-care. Young people have merged all of these aspects of social media together and are dedicated to bringing content to their followers on a daily basis.

These kids are something else ya'll and in this post we wanted to highlight three of them! Keep reading!


( @360_lui ) 

360 Lui can easily be considered a prodigy in the wave game. This 12 year old influencer not only has a head-full of his own 360 waves, but he teaches boys and men of all ages how to form, wash, and cut their own hair in order to achieve the perfect waves for their tapers and low fades—no matter the hair texture. In fact, he specializes in teaching fellas with straight hair how to effortlessly form and keep waves.

He has also garnered a large following of over 70k people across social media platforms, which has led him to launching Wave It Your Way—a brand that offers specialty durags especially for wavers.


( @Hurracain_al )

A "540 wave" is a wave pattern characterized by a more defined spiral at the crown of your head and nape of your neck—a step up from the beloved 360. And at just 6-years-old, Hurracain Al is a 540 waver and micro-influencer within the wave community.

Not only does he have thousands of followers who watch his wave-building journey and learn a few tips and tricks themselves, Hurracain Al is the face and inspiration behind Hurracain Hair, a hair company that caters to wavers. The great thing about this company is that their hair products are effective, but also all natural and homemade.

Celai West

( @CelaiWest )

11-year-old Celai West is the epitome of black girl magic. This young go-getter is a runway and print model, actress, CEO of The Chatty Chick t-shirt brand, and the source of some serious hair goals. Her role as an influencer is one that is positive; she works to uplift and encourage young black girls like herself to love themselves in all ways.

From natural hair tutorials and clips of her working the runway, to sharing uplifting and inspirational messages and black sisterhood, West's instagram is a hub for little black girls everywhere to be encouraged toward ambition, self care, and self love.


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These 3 are fabulous and inspiring to young entrepreneurs. Love to see how far they stretch themselves to be relevant !!

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